How Does SkyREC Work?


Using video, you can understand shopper behavior and preferences. It’s easy to install multiple Wi-Fi cameras and sensors that will monitor customers without bothering them – and installation can be done in just a single day! Start enjoying 24-7-365 BI analytics services today

With SkyREC, scientific measurement techniques meet real-world insights. With valuable Big Data insights, you can predict shopper behavior, improve in-store operations, decrease costs, and increase sales revenue.

You can get access to this complete, cloud-based analytics solution for just a single low, monthly subscription fee. All data has encrypted for security purposes, and you will be able to access your data management suite from almost any device!

With SkyREC, you can analyze:

Shopper Traffic

> In-store Traffic
> Zone/Level-based Traffic Analytics
Shopper Tracking

> Shopper Track Ratio
> Optimization of Displays
Popular Goods

> Analysis of Popular In-Store Goods
> Tracking and Analysis of Unpopular In-Store Goods
“Hot Spots” In Stores

> Shopper Duration/Popular Area Analysis
> Aisle and Display Optimization
Customer Loyalty Tracking

> Repeat Customer Ratio
> Visit Frequency Of Repeat Customers
Shopper Visit

> Assessment of Shopper Visit Duration and Frequency
Traffic/Sales Prediction

> Sales & Traffic Prediction
> Smart Weather Condition Monitoring
Staff Optimization

> Service Quality Metrics
> Operational Efficiency Analytics
> Staff Shifting and Rotation
Performance Analysis

> A/B Testing
> Promotion and Display Performance Analytics
Transaction Analysis

> Conversion Rate, Sales Revenue
> Average Transaction Value (ATV)
> Units Per Transaction (UPT)
Queue and Service

> Queue Management
> Service and Checkout Efficiency Measurement
Demographic Analytics

> Gender
> Age

Comprehensive In-Store Analytics with AI
Comprehensive In-Store Analytics with AI

Product displays are often a big challenge for retailers. With SkyREC, you can analyze the in store performance of your business in real-time, using comprehensive analytics. This helps you monitor customer preferences, tastes, and behaviors – and how they interact with the products that you display in your store.

By monitoring customer traffic in every corner of your store and understanding their behavior, you can deliver the right products, in the right place, to the right customers.

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How To Solve Retailers Problem?
How To Solve Retailers Problem?

Industries Served

SkyREC can be used in almost any retail establishment, including:

- Clothing Stores
- Shoe Stores
- Bag Shops
- Luxury Retailers
- Sports Complexes and Gyms
- Cosmetics & Pharmacy Retailers
- Telecom & Electronics Retailers
- Super/Hypermarkets
- Showrooms


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