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DynaSys Solutions provides comprehensive and value-added SAP management and support services in HK and overseas, that focus on flexibility, affordability, and business agility

SAP Implementation Services

SAP Implementation Services

With our comprehensive portfolio of SAP support services in HK, we combine professional, advanced methodologies, and powerful tools to maximize the full ERP life cycle of local and global enterprises. From system planning, to deployment, maintenance and operation, and future product upgrading and evolution, we do it all with SAP. By consulting DynaSys Services, you can optimize your core business operations in HK without worrying about working through technical issues.

Support and Help Desk Services

Our comprehensive Support and Help Desk Services are the best way to save money on IT costs while maintaining operational efficiency and service reliability. Our professional support desk technicians are experienced in using best-practice IT processes and custom-engineering made-for-purpose management tools. DynaSys Solutions has been certified as the SAP’s Certified Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE) partner for 8 consecutive years in Hong Kong. We provide the best SAP-compliant support, services and consulting for SAP ERP, SAP Business Objects, and SAP Business All-In-One Solutions helping SMEs thrive in HK and beyond. Let us take care of support, so that you can focus on core business tasks and innovation.

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DynaSys Support and Help Desk Services
Training and Education Services

Training and Education Services

DynaSys Solutions can also offer advanced IT education courses to your in-house IT teams. We can broaden and enhance the knowledge of your entire IT team. This includes day-to-day IT operations, software administration and development, IT management, mobility, business agility, and vendor-focused software training. Our advanced training services help accelerate IT competence in both management and operations, allowing you to enhance workforce productivity and maximize your IT ROI.

Automated Training

We also provide automated training to make it easier and faster with step-by-step digital tutorials for employees training. For details, please click

Application Development Services

Our vision for enterprise mobility is to help our customers create more value by leveraging the latest mobile technology to streamline their operations. This facilitates workforce productivity, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and real-time responses for faster decision making. We provide result-oriented custom-built mobile app solutions built to meet the specific needs of your business and IT environment, delivering unique, one-of-a-kind functionality that will exceed your expectations.

Application Development Services

Outsourcing Services

IT Staff Recruitment

Our deep IT management knowledge allows us to quickly and accurately assess job requirements and required core competencies for IT staff. We headhunt, recruit, and hire IT experts of the highest caliber for your company, no matter what job capabilities or skill sets are required.

System Maintenance

As your business grows, so does your need for professional IT support. Our team of IT professionals leverage a deep expertise and professional approach to optimize the use of IT resources and deliver state-of-the-art operational and maintenance management solutions. We leverage advanced technology and the latest in IT best practices, providing real-time support, onsite repairs and more for your company. This serves to prevent downtime and save your time and money.

Managed Services

Dynasys Solutions offers comprehensive managed services to all types of SME customers. We offer customization care, as well as functional application and SAP solution management, implementation and support services in HK and overseas. With our end-to-end managed strategy, we can keep all of your critical IT systems running at optimal levels. Whether you’re in need of post-production, process monitoring, or data lifecycle management, we can do it all!

DynaSys Managed Services
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