Over 2 decades of SAP partnership in innovating
Azure offers you more global regions than any other cloud provider
Flexible scaling for SAP HANA with 99.99% SLA
Up to 20TB Ram
New Azure subscriptions each month
% of service-level agreement
No. of compliance offerings:

Microsoft Key Products

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Build, deploy, and manage applications throughout a global network of Microsoft datacentres.

SAP on Azure
SAP on Azure

Bring the intelligence, security, and reliability of Azure to your SAP applications.

SAP on Azure: a cloud platform optimized for SAP ERP system

Microsoft Azure offers highly scalable cloud solution, it can optimize users’ enterprise resource planning (ERP system) in the cloud. With SAP on Azure, you can run your ERP system efficiently and flexibly. Users can reduce total cost of ownership and stay ahead of competition by using SAP on Azure.

Scalability and Flexibility

RISE with SAP allows you to run the ERP system in memory instead of a combination of memory and hard disks for faster data processing speeds. Microsoft Azure offers a more scalable and highly available cloud-based infrastructure. By running SAP ERP on Azure cloud platform, you can enjoy the flexibility to easily scale up or down to meet demand. Our SAP ERP cloud-based solutions in HK can easily take advantage of new opportunities and drive business growth.


Azure is a reliable, modern, streamlined cloud environment solution with a strong global footprint. Moreover, with features such as built-in security, an enormous compliance portfolio, enterprise-grade SLAs, and the best support team in the business, Azure can support SAP HANA workloads more efficiently than any other large-scale cloud provider. SAP on Azure is the ideal SAP ERP cloud system.

Security and regulatory compliance

Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of compliance that helps protect your data, address your security and privacy needs using a suite of SAP ERP cloud products and services.

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