DynaSys is eager to provide premium SAP support service and maintenance plan to SAP customers.

With the SAP Certified Partner Centre of Expertise (PCOE) partner for 10 consecutive years in Hong Kong, DynaSys has strong knowledge and abundance of experience to complete integration project, it can reduce our clients’ both the time required and the effort spent in doing so via multiple platforms.

By implementing SAP systems and DynaSys support service, it can truly change the way a business runs and here some of the benefits of integrating SAP software into their business process.

Our SAP support team allows any business executive to see bigger picture of how the business is performing and process faster analysis of the data.

DynaSys endeavors to provide the best SAP support service and consulting service for SAP Solutions. His consulting team can help clients generate automated reports and maintain customers’ operational efficiency as well as service reliability, enabling them to focus on their core business.

7 x 24 Fully support

Incident Management System

Test Systems via a remote connection to the SAP Support backbone