Privacy Policy with Personal Information Collection Statement

1. DynaSys Privacy Policy
DynaSys Solutions Limited and any/all of its subsidiaries, associated and/or related companies (collectively, the “DynaSys” or “we”) respect your legal rights of privacy when collecting, storing, using and transmitting personal data and this Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement (the “Statement”) explains our privacy practices. It is our policy to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (the “Ordinance”) of the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“Hong Kong”). Please read the following carefully to understand our policy and practices regarding how your personal data will be treated. This statement applies to users of all our websites, including both our official website ( and our products websites (collectively, the “Websites”) and may from time to time be revised or otherwise changed where we deem necessary. If you are visiting the website of any subsidiaries, associated and/ or related companies of the DynaSys, kindly read and understand the subsidiaries, associated and/or related companies.

2. Data Collection and Use
We may collect your personal data including but not limited to name, telephone number, address, email address and other details, of identity documents, and other contact as well as personal details, in order to provide you our advanced solutions and professional services.
The purposes for which we may use your personal data are as follows: -
(i.) to verify your identity
(ii.) to handle comments, inquiries and complaints that users submit to the Websites;
(iii.) to manage and process your applications, registrations or subscriptions;
(iv.) to monitor use of the websites to help their further development;
(v.) to learn users’ needs so as to provide better services;
(vi.) to compile aggregate statistics about users to analyse usage of the Websites;
(vii.) to run internal control, resolving disputes, troubleshooting problems, and enforcing terms of use;
(viii.) to contact users regarding administrative notices and communication;
(ix.) to collect data for identity verification and record and maintaining contact lists for correspondence;
(x.) to deliver marketing message to users of DynaSys;
(xi.) to promote DynaSys’ services and products;
(xii.) to deliver information that users may have interest in, such as targeted banners, new services and products and other promotions and marketing materials;
(xiii.) to execute recruitment and other human resources related purposes;
(xiv.) to perform research or analyses so that we may improve and optimise our products and services;
(xv.) to communicate with investors and/ or potential investors of the DynaSys and/or any of its associated and/or related companies;
(xvi.) to comply with any law binding on us or for the purposes of any guidelines or codes of practice issued by regulatory or other authorities with which we are reasonably expected to comply; and
(xvii.) any other purpose(s) which has been agreed by or notified to you.
If you are under the age of 13, you must ask your parent or guardian before providing any personal data to us.

3. Disclosure of Data
3.1. DynaSys may, to the extent permitted under applicable laws and regulations, disclose your data to service providers or exchange such data with any of the following parties irrespective of whether such parties are located inside or outside Hong Kong:
(i.) any partner, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, IT solutions, computer or other services to DynaSys in connection with the operation of its business and the Services;
(ii.) any other person under a duty of confidentiality to DynaSys who has undertaken to keep such information confidential;
(iii.) any government and regulatory authorities and other organizations as required as authorised by law;
(iv.) to any other parties whom you have expressly or impliedly authorised DynaSys to make such disclosures as may be reasonably necessary or expedient to procure or fulfil your request(s) for the Services or Solutions.
3.2. Subject to your consent for DynaSys to use your Data for digital and marketing purposes, we may disclose your Data (including, without limitation, your name and contact particulars), to the above parties, unless you have expressly stated in this statement or with prior consent, personal data collected from you will not be disclosed to any third party other than the above-named parties.

4. Links to other websites
This Statement only applies to the Websites. If you click on any images or hyperlinks linking to other website(s) you will leave these Websites for another location. At any other website, the protection of your privacy, personal data and your exposure to cookies are not our responsibility and you are advised to refer to the privacy policy of that other location (if any).

5. Web Logs
When a user visits the homepage of the Websites, the visitors will be counted and included in the total number of views to the Websites for statistical purpose. This information does not identify you as an individual. No personal data will be collected.

6. Authorised staff to manage customer’s personal data
Only the authorised staff, who have been properly trained, will be permitted to access such personal data, and we shall not release such personal data to any external parties without customer’s agreement.

7. Your right to access and retention
You may at any time request access to and correct personal data relating to you in any of our records. To exercise any of your rights, contact us at the address below marking your communication “Confidential”. In response, we may ask you to provide certain details about yourself so that we can make sure you are the person to whom the data refers. We are required to respond to your requests within 60 days and we will attempt to do so wherever possible, but we may charge you a reasonable fee for doing it.

8. Retention of Data
We will only keep your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data was collected unless the personal data is also retained to satisfy any applicable statutory or contractual obligations. Personal data which no longer required will be destroyed.

9. Personal Data Privacy Officer
Any opt-out requests or consents in relation to the use of Data for direct marketing, requests for access to any Data or correction of any Data and for information regarding policies and practices and kinds of Data held are to be addressed to the following: Personal Data Privacy Officer (Marked Confidential) Room 408, Eastern Centre, 1065 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Email address: