Public utility organizations often have many field services employees who perform hundreds of on-site inspections daily. With this mobile app, they can perform their jobs using smartphones or tablets instead of manually filling out paper forms. In the event that customers need replacements for appliances, field staff can even use the app to instantly file a sales order. A Field Services App not only increases productivity and enables direct data input, but also expands the sales function to the service level, enhancing customer satisfaction and creating new business opportunities.

Features and functions:

  • Work orders, checklists and worksheets
  • Job details, customer information and location
  • Team task list status for job rotation and follow up
  • Product catalogues and real-time inventory
  • On-site product order
  • Real-time data synchronization and reporting


    • Real-time on site inspection, Data synchronization and reporting, On site product order
    • Platform:

      • Android Tablet
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