The IT budget investment trends

According to, it mentioned that many IT experts have commented on the IT market trends.

During the pandemic, many companies have increased budgets for new and existing technologies.

The companies will focus on the following areas to spend their IT budget.

1st: Cloud-native managed services

More and more cloud-mature organizations are going toward cloud-native apps. And some companies commented that they don’t want to be responsible for database infrastructure, they prefer using data services provided by the cloud vendor.

2nd: Increased use of IoT sensors and analytics

“Organizations are putting an increasing number of sensors out in the field for energy tracking and laying private 5G networks to facilitate communication or in warehouses to better track and enable efficiencies there.”

3rd: Employee engagement platforms

Companies focus on employee engagement technologies to create a better employee experience. The platform can create more fun, engaging workspaces, and create a digital depiction of office space.

4th: Data and Analytics

Companies are investing in foundational data and analytics to ensure that we can monitor and optimize our commercial operations and actively track and act on insights. According to the data, users can understand the segmentation and target group. All these data help to develop a strategy to maximize customers reach, engagement and meet customer needs. In addition, these data give insight into marketing and advertising technology development.

5th: Machine Learning, Data Science

Some research, analytics, business intelligence as well as financial services sector would continue to invest in machine learning and data science.

6th: Customer Experience

Customer Experience solution can examine how to turn users’ customer and partner data into business insights to better anticipate customer and partner needs.

Some systems create an alert system for end-users about expiring warranties and offering extensions when appropriate or delivering proactive B2B services for equipment that customers reply on to run their business.

In the perspective of Corporate, the customer experience solution can generate data to pre-empt potential product issues to help them avoid downtime and ultimately, loss of revenue.

7th: Security

With the public cloud adoption, companies are aware of sound security and borderless networks.

In conclusion

This article showed that Cloud-native managed services, Increased use of IoT sensors and analytics, Employee engagement platforms, Data and Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Customer Experience, and Security are the most common investments areas in 2022.