We are the Elite Partner of NVIDIA for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Deep Learning (DL) in the regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

Tractica Research has estimated that AI software will generate $36.8 billion USD in revenue by 2020. Why? Because data is everything.

Today, any work that’s on the cutting-edge of technological advancement – from automotive to analytics and healthcare – has big data at its core. But these innumerable petabytes of data are only as valuable as the insights we can pull from the datasets.

Today, more than 19,000 companies are using AI, high performance computing, and deep learning software to advance their industries and solve problems that were once considered unsolvable. AI areas include:

  • FinTech
  • Higher Education
  • Smart City
  • Find other applications & solutions developers
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Design
  • Retail
  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Robotics
  • HealthCare


The open-source NVIDIA RAPIDS project allows data scientists to GPU-accelerate their data science and data analytics applications from beginning to end, creating new possibilities for drastic performance gains and techniques not available through traditional CPU-only workflows. NVIDIA RAPIDS is a free, open-source software library that can speed up Machine Learning from beginning till the end. Of course, you will need a GPU to enjoy the benefits of parallel processing. But on top of a GPU, you still need accelerated libraries which can fully optimize the performance of NVIDIA GPU.

You don’t need to learn CUDA to enjoy the acceleration achieved by the GPU. The acceleration is amazing! The winner in Data Science is who can do as many iterations as possible in a day. With a GPU and NVIDIA RAPIDS, you will see an improvement in your productivity, lowered TCO, and faster insights from your Machine Learning project instantaneously.

When you use GPUs together with NVIDIA RAPIDS, you’ll discover a speed increase the likes of which you may never have imagined. One NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU can beat 2x 20 Cores CPU up to 50-100 times when completing a Machine Learning workflow. GPU acceleration is not merely about hardware. Full optimization with software is key to streamlined performance. There are also many success cases of how users witness performance gains after using GPUs and NVIDIA RAPIDS in their data prep and model training works.

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AI: Driving Real Business Success

AI is driving business success in diverse companies all throughout the world. Pinterest is using deep learning for image recognition and to help curate rich custom experiences for users. Financial titans like PayPal use GPU-accelerated deep learning to enhance fraud detection, while Accenture, a leading consulting firm, uses deep learning in their R&D department to detect potential future internet security threats. As well as this, healthcare companies all throughout the world are realizing the potential industry applications of AI and deep learning software.

The entire landscape of data-driven business is changing across all industries. From changing how farmers herd their animals with intelligent algorithms to forcing us to rethink transportation with self-driving cars, AI is giving us a glimpse into the future – today.


As an official NVIDIA partner in HK and Macau, DynaSys is your ideal solution provider to drive success and speed up computational AI processes in your business. With Elite partner statuses, we offer a range of NVIDIA software solutions from Tesla GPUs to DGX systems to boost your High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Deep Learning (DL) operations in HK. Contact us for more information about our NVIDIA solutions, or read more about our other partners in HK.