Our Support and Help Desk Services help you maintain operational efficiency and service reliability with knowledgeable expertise, best-practice processes and well-engineered management tools. As a SAP Certified Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE) in Hong Kong, we provide industry-leading SAP-compliant services and support processes for SAP ERP, SAP Business All-in-One Solutions and SAP Business Objects, enabling you to focus your resources on innovation and core business tasks.







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Our integrated tools and systems enable you to manage application life-cycles, mobile apps and even your entire SAP solution landscape:

SAP Solution Manager

Provides the necessary facilities to connect you to SAP’s support backbone, ensuring seamless provision of full 7×24 support.


Incident Management System

Handles end-to-end incident processes via SAP Solution Manager Service Desk. It not only automates the incident-handling process, but also provides resolutions using various sources, including internal reference materials, SAP Support, and SAP Service Marketplace.

Test Systems

Enables simulations and testing via a remote connection to the SAP Support backbone.



We use the industry’s best practices to ensure our Support and Help Desk Services are always prompt, reliable and efficient. Our integrated service processes include:

Support Process

End-to-end incident handling, from reporting, solution discovery and solution application, to testing, evaluation and auditing.

Escalation Process

Well-defined and proven escalation processes for situations with a critical business or financial impact.

Survey Efforts

Regular support-specific surveys to provide a comprehensive understanding of response times, resolution times, consultant behavior, solution quality and other key indicators.


People are the heart and soul of our support services. Their skills, knowledge and experience are a crucial factor in achieving our goal of service excellence. That’s why all our support staff and management have certifiable qualifications, solid hands-on experience, and training in advanced management methodologies.

Support Staff

We provide staff with the depth and breadth of knowledge required to support your solutions. At least two consultants and one support manager are assigned to each supported solution. All support staff have relevant product or technical certifications for the supported solution, and at least two years’ relevant experience.


Support Staff KPIs

All support staff are required to achieve specific performance targets in order to maintain the quality and efficiency of our support services.

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