SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

Ensure Strategy and Goal Alignment

In the modern, competitive business world, it’s absolutely essential to effectively manage employee performance. Your organization faces quite a bit of competition, and has limited budgets. You must be able to create clear, achievable goals – and you must execute these goals with a razor-sharp focus.

Your workforce must clearly understand your strategic business objectives and initiatives, and be able to take appropriate action to meet these objectives. SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals is the best tools for the job.

Using this advanced tool, you can ensure that your organization’s strategy and goals align with your long-term strategic objectives. You can also ensure that your workforce is continuously improving, through regular coaching and feedback. Finally, you can accurately evaluate and recognize top talent, and employees who have gone “above and beyond” the line of duty.

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Key Features

  • Goal management

    With SAP SuccessFactors, you can develop goals instantly. The software includes a Goal Library with more than 500 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goals to choose from. You can continuously evaluate and update employee effort, view statistics like success probability, and even make comments with features such as Mobile Goal management.

    By giving managers more control over goal execution, and allowing individual, team, or company-wide progress to be tracked, SAP SuccessFactors provides truly granular, tight control of company goals and objectives.

  • Continuous Performance management

    Continuous Performance Management eliminates the slow, ponderous system of yearly employee reviews. This feature by SAP encourages active, real-time dialogue and feedback between employees and managers. Enabling structured, simultaneous conversations about how to improve performance and align with business goals allows both employees and managers to function more effectively.

    Employees can quickly update managers on their goal-specific activities and progress. Managers can assess the progress of teams and employees against pre-programmed metrics, and provide simple feedback and coaching. Finally, HR leaders are empowered to track things like one-on-ones, and provide managers with feedback on how to guide and coach employees more effectively.

  • Performance Assessments

    A simplified and engaging performance assessment experience allows both managers and employees to get better quality reviews, and increases assessment completion rates.
    The simplified “Ask for feedback” and 360 Reviews system allows a more comprehensive, balanced, and complete picture of employee performance to be captured.

    Other features such as Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor help managers provide feedback quickly and effectively. Top and bottom performers can also be quickly identified based on individual competencies, using the Team Rater and Team Overview tools. Finally, Calibration allows for fact-based performance rewards and pay decisions to be made.

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