SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

HR Collaborate Each Other In Modern Way

The new HR mandate includes much more than simply reducing costs, automating HR processes, and encouraging compliance. Modern HR platforms allow value-based relationships to be built with every member of the workforce.

Today, both permanent and external workers can engage with each other, and collaborate in new ways. Using consumer-style tools and social HR, it’s easier than ever for Human Resources to function as a central “hub”, where everything in your organization comes together. See more about how you can transform your workplace experience, and manage our workforce for a better business impact, and more success!

Key Features

  • Boundary-less advising for business strategy and execution

    Using the advanced tools of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, HR leaders can advise executives on how to implement people-focused, business driven strategies. Topics such as diversity and inclusion can be discussed across all offices and the impact of strategic business initiatives can be measured.

    With unmatched global and localized capabilities, SAP products make it easy to ensure legal and corporate HR compliance, and take local culture, expectations, and social norms into account for a broad and seamless adoption.

  • Transform Business Structures For Success

    Strategy alone is not enough for operational success. Transforming your business strategy into success requires comprehensive, integrated, and searchable information, with tools that support an agile strategy and organization. With smart automation and tools across both administrative and business functions, you can manage end-to-end processes – not just individualized, siloed transactions.

  • Engage with employees

    SAP provides every member of your workforce with easy-to-use tools. These tools help facilitate their contributions to business goals. You can reach people and add value to their lives with simplified, intelligent, and easy-to-use applications and services – that allow them to get the information they need. In turn, this empowers employees to feel better about their jobs, and connect with other employees in a social space – maximizing engagement and job satisfaction.

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