What is GreenBird?

GreenBird is an Internet of Things (IOT) smart waste management solution designed to collect waste information at the source with resolution down to the waste producer. It is a plug and play system that fits into all building types and work environments.


Property Management Companies in HK
Deployed by Top10
Offices & Tenants
No. of Garbage Bags Weighed


Measurement by tenants with QR code stickers
Measurement by buildings with RFID tags


Best Practice

The first proven Smart Waste Management System adopted by 15,000 offices and tenants with well-established workflows and best practices.


GreenBird waste management solution requires no infra-structure or cabling and can work with low end mobile devices (iOS and Android) User pays on subscription per installation.


The GreenBird waste management system is smart and easy to use which can be operated by low skill workers. In addition, users could benefit from the fast tagging to identify the source and waste type. System works under no power supply, no network and wet conditions.


The cloud database from the smart waste management system is encrypted and transferred under high-security protocols to provide strong data protection from non-authorized access.


Various types of smart scales are manufactured to support the solution for different building types such as standard garbage bin, low volume office waste and irregular objects. Fully expandable cloud solution has imposed no limit to installations.

Low Cost IOT Technology

GreenBird applies a low-cost integration of Smart Scale, RFID and BlueTooth Technology, Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing which are of mature technology and work with readily available devices in the market. Moreover, the API are developed to import data from different weight scales.

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