SAP HR System

Manage Your Workforce More Effectively – And Help Your Company Succeed!

With Core Human Resources in the SAP ERP software, you can automate, streamline, and extend daily HR practices quickly and easily.

Core human resources includes workforce management, time/attendance, recruiting and payroll programs – allowing you to fully leverage your employee’s skills, and drive more business growth!

SAP HR solutions simplify every role

Key Features

  • Basic Human Resources

    Using a single, centralized ERP system, you can support organizational growth and employee engagement for both global and local workers.

    • Consolidate all workforce-related management processes and data onto a single platform
    • Easily create and analyze organizational and reporting structures
    • Create, customize, and manage tailor-made benefits packages for all employees
    • Run payroll software that is compliant with legal regulations in 49 countries
  • Time and Attendance Management

    Advanced time and attendance management tools provide your workforce with more ways to access applications, data, and analytics tools that they need to perform efficiently, and deliver fantastic results for your company.

    • Automate paper-based HR process to improve workforce productivity
    • Provide employees with self-service HR software that helps them manage important life, personal, and work events
    • All-in-one employee interaction center brings together your distributed, multinational workforce
    • Personalized services and accurate, timely information boost employee satisfaction and engagement
    • Managers gain access to an intuitive, comprehensive portal that helps them accomplish key tasks within a single page
    • Time management is streamlined to improve resource effectiveness, control labor costs, and increase profitability
  • Globalization Capabilities

    SAP solutions have been purpose-built to be deployed almost anywhere in the world. By following global best business practices and adding specific functions and features to account for varying tax, accounting, and manufacturing laws/regulations, SAP has created a truly multinational product.

    SAP solutions can be used in over 40 countries. Here is a small selection of regions in which SAP is supported. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities in each region.

  • Capabilities by Region

    • Africa and the Middle East
    • Americas
    • Asia Pacific and Japan
    • Europe
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