SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation

Deliver fast, reliable, and accurate financial statements

SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation software helps you streamline your financial processes. You can navigate multiple currencies, mergers and acquisitions, and even adhere to evolving accounting standards such as IFRS and local GAAP. This powerful suite of tools makes it easy for you to comply with complex financial reporting requirements, and close your accounting books at lightning-speed.

Simply Consolidation Process


  • Automated consolidation processes

    Using SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation tools, you can streamline and automate the production of standard financial statements. This makes it easier to abide by reporting requirements such as GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

  • Matrix consolidation

    SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation tools allow you to satisfy both statutory consolidation and management reporting requirements. You can use two different reporting unit rollups in a single consolidation.

  • Fully traceable audit

    All business processes using SAP software can be run with a fully traceable audit trail that minimizes liability – and does not compromise performance in any way.

  • Flexible reporting structures

    You have the power to determine how you’d like to view reports. You can combine legal and management reporting structures into a single, consolidated view. You may also compare what-if simulations side-by-side with other reports, allowing you to get a “bird’s-eye-view” of the impact of organizational changes, mergers, or acquisitions.


  • Reduce the time and cost of financial close and reporting cycles, while still maintaining tight controls
  • Ensure compliance with all IFRS and local GAAP regulations, including XBRL reporting
  • Real-time reporting on all consolidated data, utilizing proprietary SAP HANA in-memory computing technology
  • Automation of intercompany reconciliation/elimination, currency translation, segment reporting, and much more
  • Transparent data and audit trails lead to strengthened investor relations
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