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ERP Cloud-based Solution Streamlined for Mid-Market Companies in HK and Their Subsidiary Branches.

With the SAP Business ByDesign ERP, our comprehensive cloud-based solution in HK, your firm can benefit from a powerful enterprise-grade service. The ERP can be accessed on mobile via almost any device, from any location in HK or overseas, with functionalities especially developed to assist small-to-medium-sized enterprises with competing against larger firms. Take advantage of new opportunities to spur business growth with our sophisticated SAP ERP cloud-based solution in HK, which is built to help SMEs.

The ERP’s cloud-based design makes it ideal for subsidiary companies, as they will have access to all of the resources of their home office. This complete, integrated SaaS suite supports financial reporting, HR tools, sales and CRM, procurement, customer service management, supply chain management, and much more. You can benefit from saving, as the solution comes in at just 30% of the cost compared to the equivalent on-premises, and it’s three times quicker than extending an on-premise solution.  8 Reasons to Choose SAP Business ByDesign

Generating a New Wave of Demand for SAP Business ByDesign

SAP customers around the world have described the SAP Business ByDesign global solution as simple, modern, scalable, global, connected, and insightful. It’s these qualities that make this SAP ERP cloud-based software the ideal and most trusted solution for small to medium-size businesses in HK and the rest of Asia.

Integrate different international languages, currencies, and compliance easily through the ERP cloud-based solution, accessible on numerous devices including mobile. SAP Business ByDesign facilitates access to many locations and types of customers in HK and beyond.

SAP Business ByDesign


  • On-demand: Always ready when you are
  • Insightful: Real-time analytics provide your employees with valuable insights
  • Extensible: Adaptable to all business needs
  • Intuitive: Quickly train users, and mainly increase both productivity and adoption
  • Global: Support for operations in over 90 countries
  • Mobile: Accessible from any device, at any time, and from any location

Best For

  • Mid-market companies
  • Local public sector institutions
  • Governments
  • Smaller subsidiaries of the largest companies in the manufacturing

Security and Compliance

Data security

You can trust the SAP Business ByDesign ERP cloud solution to protect your data with a proactive, predictive approach. Focus on your business and let Business ByDesign handle compliance and data security.

Data protection and privacy

With advanced SAP solutions that preserve data ownership, privacy, security, identity and more, you can protect the rights of your employees, applicants, clients, suppliers, business partners, and more.


Thanks to our “one common framework” approach, and regular external reviews plus audits, our products meet all of the latest compliance and security standards.

Key Features

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    SAP CRM allows you to manage every customer process – from sales, to marketing, service, and so much more.

  • Finance

    The advanced reporting and database analytics tools provide you with a real-time view of business finances. However, in turn, this helps with cash and liquidity management, and accounting processes.

  • Human Resources (HR)

    Advanced HR tools make it easy to perform organizational management and administration tasks, manage your workforce, monitor time and attendance. They also allow employee self-service access to benefits, job information and more.

  • Procurement

    With centralized supplier information databases, it’s easier than ever for employees to procure material with self-service systems, saving your time and costs while also allowing you to negotiate better deals.

  • Project Management

    SAP Business ByDesign’s advanced project management software makes it a breeze to manage products of all types. Real-time collaboration tools allow comprehensive management and monitoring of every step of the project management pipeline.

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    Powerful supply-demand matching tools allow for more flexibility and streamline the collaboration between customers and suppliers.

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