SAP – Business Intelligence

Boost your organization’s collective IQ with business intelligence tools that provide real-time insight into your organization

SAP Business Intelligence empower decision makers with easy access to the business intelligence they need to make faster, more informed decisions. With one suite for all insights, business can support a high standard for enterprise BI. As a result, organizations can boost their collective IQ by giving users real time insight.


What do SAP Solutions help?

Trusted Data Discovery


Help businesspeople, with various skill levels, to better understand data and use it to engage their audience.

Business Intelligence Platform


Empower business users with anytime, anywhere access to key insights delivered in context.

Mobile Business Intelligence


Access the BI needed to make critical decisions – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.



Drive fast, informed decision making and deliver insights that are meaningful and actionable.

Dashboards and Apps


Drive BI adoption across the organization with compelling, insightful dashboards and apps.


Great storytelling begins with better data communication.

Easily create beautiful and interactive maps, charts, and infographics. Perform visual BI analysis using intuitive dashboards, and securely share insights and data stories with your team.

Get the data and visualizations you need in real time.

In-memory analysis

Accelerate data analysis using a host of standard visualizations on a blazing fast in-memory engine – no scripts or coding required.

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Create beautiful infographics and presentations to engage every audience.

Discover hidden patterns and outliers from your data through attention-grabbing data visualizations, data mashups, storyboards, and infographics.

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