Is NVIDIA’s DGX Station Better Than DIY Machines?

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Is NVIDIA’s DGX Station Better Than DIY Machines For AI/Deep Learning

If you’re interested in AI and deep learning, you must either buy a supercomputer that can handle AI Model Training, or build your own machine to create a DIY machine. But is this a good idea? We don’t think so.

Save Time And IT Resources

Building your own AI computer is usually cheaper than an off-the-shelf unit the NVIDIA DGX Station – but only if you ignore the time and IT resources required to run the unit, download and update software, and maintain the computer. When you factor these costs in, the NVIDIA DGX Station is a much better option.

The NVIDIA DGX Station – Ready To Go For AI Projects

The NVIDIA DGX Station is ideal for AI scientists. This compact supercomputer is small enough to place on your desk, and has low power consumption.

It also offers enhanced security, as your sensitive data does not have to be on the cloud. And because it’s embedded with pre-installed AI software, you can start AI model training in just 2-4 hours. There’s no need to spend extra time and money on more IT equipment or on support services.

Learn more rental NVIDIA DGX Station and NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. 

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