Microsoft Azure


62 compliance offerings – the largest single portfolio in the industry


Used by 90% of all Fortune 500 companies


new Azure subscriptions each month.

What Is Azure?

Azure is a set of comprehensive cloud services, designed to work for both IT professionals and developers. Using Azure, you can build, develop, deploy, and manage applications throughout a global network of Microsoft datacenters. Azure integrates DevOps, a marketplace of addons, and a variety of different tools to help develop everything from mobile applications to internet-scale platforms and solutions.

What is Windows Azure and Why is it in the Cloud?

Azure Machine Learning: Getting Started


  • Azure – Productive For Developers

    With the integrated tools provided in Azure – from serverless computing support to mobile DevOps, your productivity can be supported. Build the way you want to – using open source technologies and tools that you already know. Azure supports an enormous range of operating systems, languages, databases, and development frameworks.

    • Innovate and deliver high-quality apps and programs
    • Enable cross-platform and cross-device experiences with support for all major mobile devices
    • Run in any stack, both Windows and Linux-based, with advanced capabilities such as the Kubernetes Cluster supported in the Azure Container Service
  • Azure – A Consistent Hybrid Cloud

    Azure is the only hybrid cloud that offers easy connection between cloud applications and on-premises servers. This allows for maximum portability and value from your existing investments.

    From application development to security, identity management, and development stacks, you can run any part of Azure either on-premises, or on the cloud. With Azure, you can

    • Extend functionality and build hybrid apps with the Azure Stack
    • Connect on-premises databases and applications together to optimize and streamline existing assets.
    • Analyze and distribute data across on-premises and cloud-based servers seamlessly.
  • Azure – The Ideal Cloud For Building Intelligent Apps

    Azure is a forward-focused and data-driven platform, and can be used to create intelligent apps. From bot services to machine learning, image recognition and more, Azure AI and data services allow for new experiences.

    From deep learning to real-time analytics and HPC simulations, Azure is capable of handling datasets of all shapes, sizes, and types. Using Azure, you can

    • Utilize the built-in AI to build breakthrough apps
    • Deploy custom, scalable AI models on any dataset
    • Combine the best of proprietary Microsoft and open source data/AI innovations.
  • Azure – The Cloud You Can Trust!

    90% of all Fortune 500 companies place their trust in the Microsoft Cloud, and Azure. So join them today – take advantage of Microsofts’ dedication to privacy, security, transparency, and robust compliance coverage. When using Azure, you will

    • Be able to scale globally, using a worldwide network of Microsoft owned-and-managed data centers across 42+ different regions.
    • Detect, identify, and eliminate threats, with a central dashboard of Azure monitoring through the Azure Security Center
    • Conform to all relevant compliance standards. Azure has 70+ compliance offerings, and as been recognized as the most trustworthy cloud for U.S. governmental institutions.
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