How To Encourage Colleagues To Adopt A New ERP System?


Encourage staff to adopt new erp system

The sheer complexity of a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can make it quite difficult for your employees. Also, given the learning curve of adopting a completely new ERP program. But your investment in a new ERP will waste unless your staff adapts to it, and begins using it for their day-to-day tasks. In this blog post, we’ll explore a few of the ways you can encourage your colleagues to adopt a new ERP system.

1. Emphasize The Benefits Of The New ERP

There are likely quite a few reasons you implemented a new ERP – and most of them probably involve being able to handle massive amounts of data from staff, customers, supplier, shipping partners, and more – from diverse sources.

Emphasize that, despite initial difficulties using the system, your new ERP will make it easier for your employees. Especially, to handle digital processes, and encourage better decision-making through business analytics. The end result? Their jobs get easier!

2. Encourage Learning, And Make Sure To Adapt Your System To Staff Needs

First, you need to encourage your employees to learn – both with hands-on experience with the ERP. Also, through e-learning modules and training sessions.

In addition, make it clear that the ERP system can be changed and adapted, based on the needs of your staff, and their workplace processes which can be automated.

By encouraging staff to learn new things – and adapting your ERP to their workflows – you can rapidly increase staff adoption and buy-in.

3. Create A Clear ERP Management Hierarchy

You must assign a team to the management and coordination of your ERP, to ensure that your staff and IT workers have the information they need for their working processes, and for managing your new ERP system.

4. Get Long-Term and Reliable Support

ERP is going to stay in your company for a very long time. So you need to find a reliable vendor and/or implementation partner to support you and your team. Small issues, such as create new users in your system, to big problem such as Year-end closing errors or system failure after power outage, these people are critical to make your ERP system healthy.

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