Analyze big data at the speed of thought and drive rapid innovation – with our market-leading in-memory platform, SAP HANA. Optimized for both transactional and analytical processing, it’s no surprise that SAP HANA is the clear leader in the in-memory market.

What is SAP HANA?

Accelerate growth with easy big data analytics


Eliminate barriers to fast, informed decision processing – with SAP HANA in-memory analytics.

Get the analytics you need to make the best possible decision – every time – with SAP HANA. This powerful in-memory database is the only solution that delivers across the five dimensions of decision processing: breadth (analyze big data from multiple sources), depth (ask complex questions on granular data), high-speed (receive fast, interactive responses), simplicity (eliminate the need for data preparation), and real time (run real-time queries on real-time data).

– Get immediate answers to any kind of business question – even on big data
– Answer complex and interactive questions by drilling down to granular data
– No more waiting for results: get answers in split seconds in an interactive fashion
– Remove data latency caused by ETL through real-time replication
– Cut weeks from development cycles by removing the need for pre-aggregation cubes


Explore in-memory applications built on the SAP HANA Platform

SAP is delivering a new class of applications on top of the SAP HANA platform that provide real-time insights on big data and supplies state-of-the-art analysis. These innovative – yet non-disruptive – real-time solutions can transform your organization with the technology you need to make smarter and faster decisions, react more quickly to events, unlock new opportunities, and even invent new data-driven business models and processes that were simply not possible before.

– Analyze big data in real time and build transactions on top
– Unlock and capture new opportunities with real-time insight
– Invent innovative data-driven business models and processes


Develop innovative new solutions on the modern SAP HANA real-time platform

Perform real-time analysis and develop and deploy real-time applications – with the SAP HANA real-time data platform. Deployable as an on-premise appliance or via the cloud, this revolutionary platform has the real-time SAP HANA database at its core – which due to the combination of row and column store is fundamentally different from any other database engine on the market today.

– Rely on a 100% open platform with broad adoption for SAP and non-SAP use cases
– Analyze, transact, and compute large amounts of granular data in real time
– Fuel innovation with a platform designed to meet your unique business requirements

Why use SAP HANA?

How does SAP HANA work?

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