Qlik BI Workshop: Data Is The Key To Solving Enterprise Management Problems

Real-time business analytics can be used to help you grasp changes in your business, find vulnerabilities and opportunities in your business, solve problems with data-focused solutions, and allow your employees to focus on their performance.

To learn more, we invite you to attend the workshop to try Qlik Business Analytics (BI) functions in person, using a provided device to try the Qlik platform, and see how powerful it can be for your company. The benefits of using this system include:

● Combining fragmented systems into one to get real-time sales reports and data
● Automatic organization of reports with accurate, informative data
● Customize reporting content, format, and data exploration quickly and easily
● Use cross-platform tools to analyze real-time sales, analyze data from multiple angles, and track product flow.


Huawei Connect 2018 Meet Up

At Huawei Connect 2018, United VARs and its member companies (Acloudear, HAND Enterprise Solutions, DynaSys Solutions) will present SAP international projects, SAP S/4 HANA conversion, IoT, Cloud ERP & packaged solutions on October 10 -12 at SWEECC and Expo Center, Shanghai. We prepare your company for its digital future.  Booth #: H3-C19.

Track Speech: How the United VARs alliance combines local SAP skills with global approach!

The success recipe for your IT project.

When: DAY 1, Oct 10th, 11:20-11:35

Where: Hall3-OP1

Speaker Alexander Herfort, Head of Business Development

Panel Discussion: How to succeed in international digitalization projects!

How the leading regional SAP consultants deliver international projects…”

When: DAY 3, Oct.12,13:30-14:00

Where: Classroom 503+505 (64 seats)

In a panel discussion, Alexander Herfort, Head of Business Development United VARs, will talk to United VARs’ experts from Acloudear, HAND Enterprise Solutions, DynaSys Solutions the success factors of global and local SAP projects.

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