AI Podcast: Your Next Pizza Delivery May Come Topped with AI

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You ask, AI delivers. At least, that’s the concept that Kevin Peterson is trying to achieve with his robotics company, Marble. It recently made news for deploying food delivery robots onto the streets of San Francisco. Peterson, Marble’s co-founder and software lead, joined this week’s AI Podcast to talk about their efforts to integrate AI into the delivery process. Marble’s robots, all named “Happy,” look like a white boxcar about the size of a mobility scooter. They’re complete with

3 Ways ERP Can Drive Digital Transformation

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Growing businesses are putting cloud-enabled ERP systems at the heart of their digital transformation strategies. Discover how your company can benefit.

7 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cloud-based ERP Solution

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How can you ensure the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution you’re considering will meet all needs of your growing business? Be sure to get answers to these critical questions before making a decision.

Customer Shared Journey with SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure

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Thanks to Markie Chan, the Head of IT from Samson Paper, for sharing your journey with SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure! Markie provided us with real life examples of how simple it is to migrate SAP HANA on Azure, even across different businesses.  

DynaSys at HKRMA Annual Dinner

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We are proud to sponsor HKRMA Annual Dinner 2018. We provide SAP Business ByDesign, an integrated cloud suite, and SkyREC, an in-store AI analytics solution designed for retailers.

BlackLine Streamline Your Financial Close

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Blackline demonstrated Smart Close solution to enable financial close workflows, schedules and approvals at ease for SAP financial users. Margot’s background includes over 14 years of Big 4 consulting experience. She has extensive expertise working with Fortune 500 companies to improve accounting and finance operations by maximising efficiencies through automation. Learn more BlackLine

The Secret of Choosing ERP for Growing Companies

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Most companies find it difficult to break through a growth bottleneck and performance typically falls after rapid development in the early stage of the venture. To become a long-term sustainable growth company, you need to take advantage of growth trends, be flexible, and use limited funds to the cutting edge. What is the secret of using ERP for growth companies? Business digitalization Every company can’t work without purchase, sales and inventory management, but it’s not an easy task. For example, the

Difference Between The Most Popular SAP ERP solutions

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We recently received a question about the differences between the most popular SAP ERP solutions in the market. In this article, we’ll break down the differences between each one. SAP Business ByDesign This is SAP’s latest cloud ERP, which is meant to be offered in the SME market, to give these businesses an entry point into fully-featured ERP platforms.  SAP S/4HANA This is an

What Is The NVIDIA GRID License?

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Today, the demand for on-demand image processing is increasing. Every program, from Microsoft Office which may run slowly on Windows 10, to advanced imaging software like AutoCAD and Autodesk, for companies in the construction and design industries, can benefit from better image processing. The NVIDIA GRID License allows for GPU resources to be spread among users, by using a single GPU server. Using Live Migration, this allows for superior image and video processing – and you can even use NVIDIA GRID to run other complex AI Deep Learning calculations, while still maintaining smooth operation. Learn more on Youtube.

What Is A GPU?

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GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. GPUs have many more cores than a comparable CPU – the most powerful graphics card have more than 5,000 cores, while most CPUs have a maximum of 10 cores. This makes GPUs faster and more efficient than CPUs for repetitive tasks such as AI development. Learn more on Youtube video.
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